Ode to Oda: Vanilla Sky

by Kamika

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released December 16, 2013

Lyrics by Sterlin Hammond on Danielle



all rights reserved
Track Name: Caroline
hope I can find your wire frame
scrape your knee in front of me again
your holy

take a break from him

call me a fad
and shape the other wing
love is all i've had
love is all i have
I'll die next to your broken ankle
Track Name: Danielle
Pretending to be a
made me get two men
and the were affirmed
far too often
now i know everything
there is to know
about anyone in this
city so great
it took two states
black my hair

she was Danielle
and I hated her face
I was Caroline
and I hated that dress
find me the mattress I need
you gave me a second chance
to stand in my Walmart parking lot

handsome and crazy
she wore like a maze did
scabs fall off her
far too often
bending by closets
and holding my breath
I'd do anything to know
why breaking is sacred
Track Name: Rose
paper thin, then
you gotta breathe, man
you gotta lift your eyes off of me

he should be scared now
he left a tongue, crowd
inside your digital fantasy

find a pen, then
lazy building of men
he probably forgot Ingersoll-Rand

stock in business
investing in machines
you are a drill bit
I am a drill bit

I have a lot of time to justify my lazy actions
in terms of my pointless lies
i'm covered in face paint

weren't you a little high when you arrived inside my
it's just face paint
weren't you hiding your hands beneath the skirt inside my
it's just a face plate

I'm such a thin man
leaning towards hypocrisy
I've got a few bolts
i've got a few holes

but she led me here
and I said to her
I'm not pregnant yet

She wants to be Lucy
Track Name: Lucy
I lie down
intoxication is more than this
cause I am an animal
and I realize that he knows
he's always known
maybe that's why he's gracious
He's been here before
But he's scared
scared that he might be done
that's his work
I am a animal

"did you find how to make love"-Design by Rose is Selfish
Can you look up "1838-15"?

Silly fucking architects
they always underestimate
2,000,000, I don't have 2,000,000
Grow the fuck up, kid
I ran from home when I was 13 years old
now I'm making valves and bits
the Rands are real men to me

Lucy lost her pearls in the back seat of my Second Life
and she was the love of my Second Life
but I lost her

In the morning we'll lie again
I can't help my honesty from slipping
I hope Rose can advertise me better than she has
God I pray to her everyday
but she laughs at my insanity
I am the Sergeant

Navarro, let's reborn back to 1853