by Kamika

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released July 20, 2016

Peter Lewis- Vocals



all rights reserved
Track Name: 1
Slice the forward 4 into a graceful “no”
Hand of Gods give the slightest “hello”
You always sing of the lace left of the ring
But keep in mind you’re the child’s scream
They kept on going past the lake
To be the single offering
Blessed pilgrims, “wait!” you leave behind tents for housing
Not yet knowing how the little ones left within them
Brace your breathing back to face the ones who know you love you
He lives a little straight, eats the fruit given to you
We are a “village”
He thinks about a face asks for child from you
He is a “village” “he is?”
He looked back to see his mother, father shouts, “it’s nothing kid”
Miss, identity my longing for brothers
The right scares me
I will leave nothing to it
I will turn my foot from it, I will make no sign with it
Gestureless flesh of the left, with reason
I finally beat this child to death
Screams echo right to left
Track Name: 2
I’m dumping urine in the floorboard
Bring myself around to forget what friendship is
You stand by me cause you love me
You are my Ken, (David)
David: “I want to leave before she starts needing me
Bliss is be the need I’m meeting for. Love? You see in me?
Tough, you’re calling me now”
Mommy: “Bashful on the eye. I know that you see me in skin tone.
Ringtone? I’ll answer when you begin to cry for what
You are. You sigh for what I am, you are my Ken”
Lets see what happens
Pumping urine in the floorboard of your mansion
Bring yourself around. Forget what friendship is
I stand by you cause I hate you
You are my sin
Track Name: 3
By this time next year we’ll be bore you
To the field, to a mouth, with your mou“f ”
We lay side way/weight laxed/lags, easy laughed
Took our best years to (in)trest you
Saw (in)spiration in you
Maybe when you leave the house you can find the perfect function
Desperate self-deformation
An easy “please me” type of action
It’s always easy said to find a little time to wander
That you don’t want them, that you don’t need them
To the stairs that break with such a single pressure
Makes the one who’s scared to say a name at all
You think easy on nights that make a simple gesture
Of a taste that lacks of any pleasure
You forgot that our names were a mighty figure
Blurred the lines and cared for one another
Blessed be the thought of such a sturdy finger
From the left that sings for the tiny “village”
Made by ones who lead with a single gesture
Made a mark and died to be together
Track Name: 4
I want hair tangled up in the basement
pulley up, a far formation
Spends too much time with hands and placement
An easy curve of self-reflection
Buried ease in tiny function
“Ease away, right?”
Made the mold to steady
“Ease away, right?”
Bring back the solace child, elevate |a fifth| from here
Or | a fist |
That bides in your . . . glass?
It feels fine, tattered a little, but fine
Fragrance means more anyway
It’s a shot to grieve under you
God I’d love to grieve with you
The hopeful boy stood ready. Fuck, his hands weren’t ready
The little boy stands ready. Fuck, his hands aren’t ready
Takes time takes time to move it
Through looks fine just like a user
Do never mine(d) might say in user
View blind side to say what you
Wanted to
Track Name: 5
I’ll cry for “Ivan” cause I’ve been no one lately
The pieces together make my arms sigh
I crawled to your feather, made a note of future endeavors
To be the call anyone sees, you talk loud enough already
Parts of past have nothing on you : past parts tend to break my
Arms in |to your shoulder
That hand screams “God, I need you”
That shape says “Please, I’m a life”
Bye Bye
Gun shots*
I place the blame on the
Anyone who’s seen the struggle
A few left to breath
Or bare a stranger desperate to leave, but anger
To be the call that everyone’s seen, you speak enough already
You turned away when you “what?” ‘s not “what?” means
You clinched the monument too close to see
I barely notice that you’re desperate to breath
Track Name: 6
Never knew what the right was
Never knew what the right side does
Going home to the new life
Going home to “the new life was . . .”
Blake: “We made a pact, to bring
All that’s left, in”
(Brother) 2: “Ay, speak softer”
Blake: “To the garden then” (To see Ivan)
Mommy: “Blake! Oh, Blake! Looks who’s here!”

Blake turns to face back porch David is standing by the door (looks to Mommy)

Blake Internally: “Find your way into a minor. Tough to see
But builds in choirs. Only for the sake of
Bradley does he love more. Than he loves
To be a miner. Tough to see but he builds
in choirs, only for the sake of Bradley.
Does he love me?”

David to Blake: “Pull your waist down. Stop and
Rest a while. Another watch
Will be there by tomorrow.
Never knew alone as much as you,
You never seemed to break like
All do”
Blake Internally: “Never knew what the right was
Never new what the right side does
We’re going home to the new life
Can say ‘What the new life was . . .’ ”
Track Name: 7
Bradley: “In Siam, I lost my David.”

David internally: “Bradley darts off your intentions of a nicer view
Bradley: “The lake for ages! A lake for all ages!
All age is free from torment!”
David Internally: “He meant to say ‘the man from the street
Breathes deeply near me’ ”
David: “Stop the friendly fucked up neighbor stuff
In spotless room”
Bradley: “To change the name ‘of ’ the ‘on’ changed
To name ‘the’ ”
David: “The single pair to break is still there.
The one from my back breathes deeply
On me”
Bradley: “But secret still loves you. I swam cross
To breath on you. Careless on our hanging
Tree, but the lake please? But the lake
Track Name: 8
Wait another week till you are are are are art
Aren’t you worried about the standing side effects
Blue turned corkscrew and found you a cigarette right below
The sturdy mat you rest your feet on, remember?
That nasty kid who took the beating off my knee
Yours is pointing, but for me thats just out of this world
Stale bits forming . . . “I cant believe he’s just 15”


When you go walking can you find your way home now?
Back in the middle of the firework/light show
Were you belong I belong with an awkward hand
Bask in me, keep askin’ me
I forget how this might work
In the corner of . . . in the corner of . . . in the corner of
Of course you are a possi mingling of silly dream
Track Name: 9
Bot’s a guy
Bot’s a guy who I talk to slowly
Mock too slow
Outsider: “I’ll need a ride tonight”
Blake: “I found an easy cope. Throw on a raincoat
And bitch about 30 miles from an east coast
Outsider about Blake: “With her hair in hand he makes
A tine fracture. Known for one
He thinks you’ll need another
Blake give shitty advice: “Brittany speaks with a fowl
Tongue and low moan
I lost connection to my own cellphone.
Wear a ring that suggests you don’t have one
Buy one”

“Words made people do cruel things”
“Look at the symbol and know what it meant”
“And then they had nothing”
“From anybody”

We stop the guy
Stop the guy who tried to mock us slowly
Who talks too slow, he needs to fuck tonight

“By the palm fills the ache”
‘ You have one ’
Best produces the tab: reads long
Learn to ask for a friend
‘ They need none ’ ”