Come, My Skin

by Kamika

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released June 8, 2013



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Track Name: x
tall water

the scraps move away
i saw you through the mist
i saw you surrounded by lines
this is a list of points
i substitute my language
i create an action
i count until you're reached
a vague interpretation of a scroll
the warmth of a miniscule idea
Track Name: o
there's blood on my hands

the way you look upon my chest
you're silent in my awakening
in that console shape
you choose to live in

the faint grasp of wind
the door opens
did you scream
or are you just laughing
we couldn't hold anything

i hear the pen
i see the pen
"there is no fucking pen"

lie down and relax
cause i am your whore tonight
bloody taste in mouth
i just left
Track Name: r
the headlights carry the depression
crack a skull and live within it
cause that's a practical expansion
of the human form

why are you acting as an open house?
a transformation of space in this illusion
of a convex plane
an abrupt movement to the floor
you're asking for time
i look away
because she ruined my expanse
a scream
then she stepped on that line
i can grow lonely too quickly

we take such hideous forms
just to be efficient
i'm wrapped in my grandfather's sweater
to project a shapeless body
only in the presence of you
Track Name: c
we argued that it was another town
but I still loved my lover's sounds
on the slope of a foot, still, breaking bones
i'm desperate enough to roll down the window
and i felt that the curve came much too close
but my room drove, almost home
on the slope of a foot. stop breaking bones.
i'm desperate enough to break my own window

in the biting i am a monster
a brief longing to stage my reaction
in the biting i am a monster
a brief longing to stay silent

i can't feel it
i remember i held you close
and i begged to hear that song

"the screen door slams
mary's dress waves
like a vision she dances across the porch
as the radio plays"
Track Name: d
grasp the madness that follows you
in that little town
that offers the notion
that you are

loan that masculine centering
through that little child
that masks the opportunity
that you are

I was too slow
but that vibrant mass
left edges on my mouth
so give me a second
i'll murder the family when I'm done
or not paying attention

you're cold blooded
you're totally controlled by the lacking timeline

i ripped the screen off

you'll hold a tantrum in your hand
and i'll hold the remaining pieces
the ones i should eat
Track Name: e
i've got valleys in my back
smooth transition to the roadway
step away from my road sign
step away from my hometown

i've got feelings of ambition
or maybe i'm just paranoid
double, triple, time frame
trying hard to keep saying:

"living without your jacket
is the hardest thing you could ever do"

I spent the morning laughing
laughing at the current change
be the simple time frame

i knew my body was around
i lost my fingers in the graveyard
too many looks to keep me around
too many things i should say no to

how are you?
i lost another leg tonight
it's buried in the backyard
how are you?
lust carries us tonight
let's bury it in the backyard

i don't think you're far enough away
to keep me from killing you
my last resort was a road sign
my last stop was an exxon

i could change perspective
or positions would be easier?
take comfort in the sunset
make a map of lovers on the inside

your glory left without grace
a great name to keep at the exxon
my plea was meant for another
stay cold and wait for the other