Ahed Ared Rest

by Kamika

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released January 6, 2013



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Track Name: Cadge
secluded morning
i hear your truce
i'm hoping to find the feelings of familiarity
with the changing structures
the holding of our lines
Track Name: Harakiri
my feelings for you have curbed
your sending thoughts from a farther place
you are rounded
you are concave
while i see you from the outside
i see your shape with a convex eye
i expressed poorly
my thoughts of sinking
my association with swimming
i know i grow
i don't want a strange discussion
i don't want the first to rule what i learn
Track Name: Daesin
she has the ability to hold her ash
self awareness of a mindless soul
the intrusion of a fought ability
you're amongst a flight of harmonizing melodies
in the scope
of a mass
of collected intelligence
beyond the right of being
finding the sequence of a bobbing head
in light of an invigorating spiteful experience
in the loving embrace you show with the lack of encouragement
that should be lent with it
what's established as a lasting fragment of your position?
what's considered the length you live within?
the speech from your book
"i'm going to shot out my mouth"
i'd like to take my time
you breathe away
we will
Track Name: Tondo
my legs were too straight
how can you walk
with bells on your feet

fight your move

you're standing alone with remnants
i will not let this concave mind relapse
your concave mind laugh

fight your move

when did i inherit the clock's tempo
how can i walk
with clockwork on my feet

fight your move
Track Name: Labarum
i have finally given you a number
as i lay my head on your stomach

the space between your hands
what you left me with

i'll slow it down
you were in the mist again

a different morning
a different depth of rest
you are too real in my mind
as long as i can withstand what i ask
can you keep me awake
or will you let me sleep
Track Name: Lighting
you like to say that you're happy in your home
wrapped in your tiny yellow cage
that flows from your waist
you're anxious to be a solid
needing to be the silence
wanting to be wanted

you're touching me with your finger

i'd seem fine too
standing briefly by your feet
i hate looking up
so i won't look up

i'm brought back
avoiding your memories
avoiding the dreams
you scream
"how late are you?"
"Grace follows you..."
"in my sides I know"
"i've only caught glimpses of your faith
with lighting in the distance"
Track Name: Follow
a separate structure of knowing
90 death
we are bleeding for hours

he'll smile when he's any anything
it fastens within a flowing line
but see his perspective has focused

the determination between three movements
is self
worthless in comparison
to a linguistic curve
the friction:
a static withdrawal from compromise
the destruction of a sound
lasting visions of clockwork on our feet
your similar in sounds
sounds amongst siblings
siblings within a substance of feeling
the sameness that dwells in friends
the destruction of sound